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You’re at a party, full of your friends, acquaintances, that cutie you’ve been crazy about for weeks, and fellow guitar players from your local scene (that you actually respect and look up to).

One of them has finished playing a jaw-dropping guitar rendition of a classic tune, and the room simply can’t get enough of it…

Dude, I’d hate to play after this guy…” your friend says to nobody in particular.

But he’s right. That masterful performance would be pretty damn hard to top.

To make matters worse, there’s one of your family members there who’s excited about their new iPhones video camera and is posting all the videos instantly to social media.

You know there’s going to be recorded evidence of this party and musical event.

And as this guy is prepared to hand out the guitar to somebody else while he bathes in admiration, out of nowhere, you put your best foot forward and with a wink you comedically say “Hey, lemme show you how to play that thing!”.

Everyone laughs - Not just at your funny joke, but because no one has ever seen you pick up a guitar in the past. Ever!

Since some of the people there are your friends and family, you’ve managed to turn all of the room’s attention (yes, even that attractive woman) to you. Every second seems to slow down as you grasp the guitars neck and make the 10 short steps to the seat on the stage...

There are smirks on some of the guitar players’ faces in the room.

They’re eager to see an amateur play like a child, just to make a snarky comment about it.


Instead of stumbling to place your fingers on the frets and wasting precious moments trying to remember the chords and note positions…

You confidently look into everybody’s eyes as you start up the intro to an instantly recognizable classic - WITHOUT even looking at the fretboard.

As you majestically pick out the notes and chords with silky smooth rhythms, everybody’s eyes widen, as your eyes start to gently close.

You’re playing one of your favourite songs, a timeless classic, without even looking at the guitar, and in fact, your eyes are closed.

You’ve entranced the whole room in a matter of seconds.

Even that attractive woman can’t take her eyes off of you.

You decide not only to play the song masterfully, but you dive into some really cool sounding improvisation before you circle back to the last chorus.

You even start inserting a few riffs and some hot licks here and there to make things more exciting.

Why? Because you know how... (plus, it sounds smokin’ hot!)

And as you finish, the silence in the room is replaced by generous applause, and the guy who played so beautifully before you pats you in the back and genuinely asks you…

“Dude, who taught you to play so damn well?”

You know the answer to this is great and with a slightly confusing 1-liner:

We've been teaching students all over the world since 2012 over webcam. Since then, we've seen everyone's internet speeds increase and people are communicating over video-calls more and more everyday. Also, learning online is becoming more of the norm with universities and even doctors and personal trainers are working over webcam...So why not learn guitar too?

Our students would have quit, or we would have stopped offering these webcam guitar lessons a long time ago if they weren't ultra-effective.

Now, YOU as a budding guitarist can effectively learn and play your favorite songs and styles super quickly - without having to leave the house!

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