A Simple, Easy To Follow Lead Guitar Soloing System!

Here's How You Can Start Playing Lead Guitar... Impress Your Friends And Family... And Finally, Become A Respectable Player In Record Time.

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“The Most important part of any rock song is the guitar solo”

- david lee roth

Dear Soon-To-Be Awesome Guitarist,

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Has playing lead guitar been a lifelong dream of yours, but it feels daunting, confusing, or even frustrating? Has your guitar been collecting dust?

Do you wish you could quickly conquer the basic techniques for rhythm and lead, and start having FUN playing playing melodic leads and smokin' solos??

Are you confused about what you need to learn, in what order, to make playing lead guitar easy?

What if you had a great teacher guide you step-by-step with proven shortcuts (that have been effective for thousands of students), for playing great guitar in record time?

Well if this sounds like something you're interested in, keep reading because this letter will be the most important thing you read today, maybe the most important thing you read about lead guitar. That's because I'm about to show you how you can fast-track your learning curve in record time.

Ready For Your Lead Guitar Transformation?

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Introducing: "Lead Guitar Star"

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Our Approach With This Lead Series:

We realized we had yet to create our most important instructional series ever: The one that takes beginners, that have dabbled with the guitar, and turns them into great sounding guitarists... that can play any solo they want to learn on their own, without a teacher... and in record time.

Lacking Motivation And Inspiration To Play?

These videos will crush any confusion, and puts you on the fast track to playing lead guitar. You'll always know what to play and as long as you put on the videos and have a guitar in your lap, this program takes care of the rest.

Solos From The Masters

Play some simple, soulful leads from the greats like Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, George Harrisson, David Gilmour, and more. Copying the masters is one of the fastest shortcuts possible.

Master the Building Blocks of Lead Guitar

Imagine hearing a song on the radio... and be able to figure out how to play it on your own in just a couple of minutes.

End your search online for tabs and quick lessons. We've put all the basics and fundamentals of playing awesome sounding electric guitar all in one course to get you up and running... and then some!

How To Play Hot Leads:

Conquer the Rock Boxes. Quickly learn the scale patterns on the fretboard, and when and how to use them. It’s never been simpler to learn from the Masters. Getting your basic pentatonic scales down is the most important thing to get started playing lead. With these simple patterns under your fingers, you'll be able to easily play endless licks and melodies on the guitar.

Who Said You Have To Wait Years To Sound Great?

Here Are Just Some Of The Powerful Secrets You're About To Discover:

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Fretboard Freedom...

Most intermediate players get stuck in boxes and patterns. In this course, you'll discover a simple method for being able to play across the entire neck.

"Advanced" Techniques. From rakes, to arpeggios, to 2-handed tapping, Mike covers just about every essential guitar technique you'll need to know. Sometimes these are considered 'advanced', but Mike brings everything down to earth and makes it so darn simple.

Scales, Modes, and Music Theory. If you want to know which chord goes with which riff in which key, or what scale gives you the right effect, or how it all fits together, look no further.

Bending & Shredding...

Get exact instructions on where to place each finger on the fretboard. Yep, nice and slow so there's way to go wrong.

Bending and Vibratro. It's all about bending and shaking those notes so they come to life. Ever wonder how a great guitarist can take a couple of notes and make it sound like a million bucks? This is how. Every great guitarist has a mean vibrato and you'll have one too with the techniques you'll discover in Lead Guitar Star.

Become a master of vibrato. If you do nothing else but develop a strong vibrato, you'll be a great player. Mike gives you the no-nonsense formula for developing this critical technique.

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Why Is This System So Dang Effective?

This course makes great use of what I call "song based learning", which simply means that you're learning key techniques WHILE you're learning great songs at the same time.

As someone who's been in the guitar teaching profession for a long time, I can tell you that when we've broken down songs, piece by piece, and taught them step-by-step, our students upgraded their skills significantly faster than when we taught them one trick at a time.

You get taught by an incredible teacher that makes playing the guitar fun and simple.

Most teachers overcomplicate things. Mike shows you how to play every song, technique and how to put it all together in a crystal clear way.

Fire Up Your Chops Instantly...

Seize control with 9 quick-fire licks that gets your skills sizzling from day one.

Get it DEEP in your bones. What if your FINGERS could automatically understand the language of lead guitar? They will... and by the end of this video you'll be able to learn any solo you want BY YOURSELF.

Achieve the dream... and develop your own unique "voice" as a musician by utilizing these powerful improvisation concepts. They really get the licks into your playing.

Do the impossible... and memorize all the pentatonic shapes in a few days. (Sadly, most guitarists take years to accomplish this simple feat).

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Get All The Powerful Tools To Help You Unlock Your Inner Guitar God So You Can Properly Express Yourself In A Lead Guitar Solo.

Discover the 5 different kinds of vibrato, how play each kind and when to use them.

Secret Sauce. Discover the little known technique that is really central for players like Kenny Wayne Sheppard and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Exotic bends, baby! Players like Marty Friedman love this move. It adds a ton of variety to your playing and really seperates you from the crowd because probably 1 guitarist in 100 even knows how to do this.

You might think of 2 handed tapping as an advanced technique but Mike makes it easy as pie, including the one thing you should do to get the pro sound.

Play Classic Guitar Solos Note For Note.

Solo #1: Fire - Jimi Hendrix

This is a solo that you need to know. It's got everything -- bends, double note bends, and so many tools you're gonna need to be an awesome guitarist.

Solo #2: Oye Como Va - Santana

This is not only one of the greatest guitar melodies of all time, it also makes for a great finger exercise.

Solo #3: Come Together - Beatles

A lesson in playing a clean, simple melody. There's some nice sweet bends here and this one will help you develop your intonation and vibrato.

Solo #4: Smells like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

A brilliant example of how the best solos quote the melody of the song.

Solo #5: Shine on You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd

Capture these soulful, deep bluesy licks and tasteful phrases under your fingers in a few easy steps. More priceless wisdom on how to make sure you're bending in key.

Solo #6: Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers

You'll love playing these these choice solos. This one has an awesome melody, cool double note bends, and tasty phrasing.

Solo #7: Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

Some awesome phrases and licks and one hot little solo. Like all the leads here, you can really learn and play this one in record time, even if you're a beginner.

Solo #8: Something - Beatles

What makes George Harrison one of the best (underrated) guitarists? He always nailed the sweet slides and bends, while playing the perfect solo. Now its your turn to get all these nuanced phrases into your playing.

Solo #9: War Pigs - Black Sabbath

This one has a lot of first finger sliding motion. You'll see exactly what fingers to use for these fast fiery licks.

Solo #10: Sweet Child O Mine - Guns N Roses

Another killer solo, which doubles as an excellent finger exercise and a fantastic technique builder.

Who Is Mike And Why Is He Really Qualified To Teach You Rock Solid Skills In Record Time?

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Mike Baelde has been playing guitar since the age of 9. He received his degree in music performance from the Berklee Music College and won the Fred Sherratt Award distinguishing him as a top Canadian scholar. He has been the lead 1-on-1 instructor for the Vancouver Guitar School, which is now Campfire Guitar Star since 2012. Mike tours extensively in Canada, and has a worldwide following of students.

Here's what Mike's got to say on the subject of teaching and learning guitar: "My philosophy on music and teaching is simple. The better you get, the more rewarding music becomes. A good teacher will simple guide a student to that point where they want to play and practice, by using a process that keeps the student having fun and engaged throughout.

There is no greater joy for me than when I see my students accomplishing their musical goals, so I've made it my main focus to help people succeed on the guitar. There is something here for everyone. No matter what your level, it is my guarantee that you will emerge a better guitarist after completing this series."

Here's 4 Potent Licks That We've Seen In Thousands Of Guitar Solos Over The Years From Legends Like Mark Knopfler, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Lynyrd Skynyrd (And Many More)

Lick #1: "The Mark"

This lick can be found in the famous "Sultans of Swing" guitar solo by Dire Straits. It's the basis of a fundamental technique that give your fingers some slick chops, and you'll see it all the time in tons of different rock and blues guitar solos.

Lick #3 "The Ripper"

You can find this lick in songs like Voodoo Child and Freebird. It's aweseome. Mike gives you the small nuances that are the difference between sounding like a champ vs. sounding like a chump.

Lick #2: "The Jimmy"

Another monster lick and even easier to play. The trick to this one is to keep the sound crisp and and not let the notes mush together like a chord. Jimmy Page used this in some of his most epic songs.

Lick #4: "The Chuck"

Play wicked "double stops" like you'll see Jimi Hendrix and Lynyrd Skynrd doing in classics like "Sweet Home Alabama" or "Little Wing". Mike's gonna give you the 3 "mini chords" that you'll hear everwhere in classic rock riffs.

It Doesn't Matter What Kind Of Guitar And Amp You Have...

Let's Do This!

Learn Signature Lead Guitar Techniques From The Worlds Most Iconic Guitarists:

Try these licks from Randy Rhoads' "Crazy train". Yes, they're actually easy once you know the pattern. It's like Van Halen's "Eruption" with a distinct difference.

One of Stevie Ray Vaughan's signature moves is called rake bending, and you can't do it on any other instrument except the guitar. It really gives you that "digging into the strings" sound.

How to play fast and get that virtuoso sound, even if you don't have years to work on your chops.

"The drill that changed my life". Discovering this became one of Mike's personal breakthrough moments, and it opens up the entire neck for you.

The hardest part about guitar is taking the stuff you learn from a teacher and actually getting it into your fingers. Mike gives you quick and easy 'homework assignments' so you start applying all the lessons and start making music immediately.

You might think of 2 handed tapping as an advanced technique but Mike makes it easy as pie, including the one thing you should do to get the pro sound.

How does Jeff Beck get those wild sounds? One way is a little known trick called "bending tapping". Try this one and amaze yourself.

You get a complete education in guitar techniques in record time, like "pick tapping", another kickass move that's simple and effective.

The magic of 'call and response' and how to have a musical conversation. It's a tried-and-true concept, but Mike gives you his own twists on it some with hot formulas to really keep things lively.

How to move all over the neck and take advantage of all the guitar has to offer. This gives you true freeboard freedom.

Fretboard alchemy! How to combine 2 ordinary scales to get one really interesting, unique "super scale".

Even if you're a raw beginner, you can create exotic sounds on your fretboard. The cool thing is you definitely won't need any crazy theory or advanced tricks -- you can use this idea right now, today.

Rock, Metal, Blues an even some Jazz - Play ocatave-solos like Wes Montgomery. It gives you a much fuller, thick and rich sound.

Glide across the strings with sweep picking. It's an advanced technique but instead of taking years to learn it, Mike will give you a basic version to get this one into your playing fast.

Demystify "Modes and Scales" To Open Up Your Fretboard In Ways You Only Though The Pros Could...

The modes are a series of scales... they are SUPER powerful, but most guitarists' eyes just glaze over when you start talking theory. Instead of years of confusion, Mike will show you how to use each mode and get the signature out of it.

Never be confused about what scale goes with what riff and chord. You'll understand how to generate chords from all your scales and have a full command and understanding of what's going on.

How to use arpeggios to solo and get really interesting lines that smash to pieces all the boring cliches. Never again suffer from "those same old licks."

How to practice with backing tracks, and really get the scales under your fingers. You'll be on the true path of the guitar master.

Going beyond the pentatonic scale. You'll have so many more colors and notes and things to play with.

The Ionian Mode

Get the classic melodic sound. More importantly, get ready to learn the fun and effective way to create your own melodies and licks.

Dorian Scale

Not exactly major, not exactly minor...This moody scale has an intense flavor you're gonna love using.

Phrygian Mode

The dark spanish vibe is yours when you start playing in Phrygian. You might start feeling like "wow this is a lot to know", but Mike makes it super fun. Also he shares a powerful shortcut for memorizing any scale pattern in half the time.

Lydian Mode

You can use this one to get the "exotic alien sound" and also a very comedic sound that's used all the time in films.


How you can get an instant funk sound from this super-important scale.

Locrian Mode

Even though not many songs are in Locrian, it has a hidden use which Mike explains.

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My 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Try out our Lead program for 60-days and if you aren't totally satisfied, just email [email protected] and we'll refund you and we can part as friends. Simple as that!

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Questions? Email [email protected] or call 1-855-W-RIPLEY

Now, you might wonder...

Who claims to be able to teach me how to play like a pro?

Let me introduce myself. My name is:

Mike Baelde

(aka Mike B.)

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In 2011, I was 20 years old and fresh out of music college where I graduated with honours and won an award for music excellence which awarded me performing at MuchMusic HQ in Toronto. I continued my launch into a career in music and got in touch with the “Vancouver Guitar School” (founded by fellow music school grad, Will Ripley). We became fast friends and I became the lead guitar instructor reaching 1,000 students within my first few years of teaching. Making a big move out East to music central, Montreal, I toured heavily throughout Canada reaching thousands of audience members with my original music. I now perform around the Montreal area and am the head 1:1 instructor at Campfire Guitar Star. I also publish popular guitar lessons and have reached hundreds of thousands of guitar students with my video lessons.

Teaching How To Play The Guitar Is Not Our Talent…

But Our Deepest And Most Burning Passion!

Campfire Guitar Star’s systems have reached millions of happy students with stunning results. Now you can get access to our system which has proven to be so effective…”Lead Guitar Star”, Campfire Guitar Star’s online video guitar platform is available for you today, at an awesome price!

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